The Electroflight P1e is a carbon composite aircraft designed specifically to showcase the advantages of pure electric flight. 

The unique design utilising contra-rotating propellers also delivers an element of redundancy and the torque, present on high-performance single propeller aircraft is equalised.

This new type of electric powered aircraft promises capabilities and manoeuvres hitherto not achievable by traditional single propeller piston or gas turbine driven aircraft.


  • Simple to fly and operate
  • Carbon Composites

  • Hybrid - Electric Power

  • All green
Space is key, and the P2 Xcursion was designed with people in mind. Therefore it has a large cockpit and cabin to provide ample opportunities for the occupants to bring what is needed to explore the places you want to go.
  • Seats: 2
  • MTOW: 750kg / 1,653lb
  • Max Payload: 240kg / 529lb


Energy Source(s)
Powerful Hybrid Electric Propulsion
  • Battery Description: LiPo pack
  • Battery Weight: 100kg / 220lb
  • Battery Output Cruise: 18 kW
  • Generator Manufacturer: Engiro
  • Generator Name: G60
  • Generator Weight: 45kg / 99lb
  • Generator Output: 80hp / 60kW
  • Motor Manufacturer: Engiro
  • Motor Name: M97
  • Motor Weight: 35kg / 77lb
  • Motor Output: 130hp / 97kW
  • Cruise Speed: 118kts / 136mph / 219kmh
  • Max Speed: 130kts / 150mph / 241kmh
  • Stall Speed With Flaps: 52kts / 60mph
  • Stall Speed Without Flaps: 48kts / 55mph