The Electroflight P1e is a carbon composite aircraft designed specifically to showcase the advantages of pure electric flight. 

The unique design utilising contra-rotating propellers also delivers an element of redundancy and the torque, present on high-performance single propeller aircraft is equalised.

This new type of electric powered aircraft promises capabilities and manoeuvres hitherto not achievable by traditional single propeller piston or gas turbine driven aircraft.



  • Contra-rotating propulsion system

  • The only non-composite airframe elements are the canopy, undercarriage and fastenings
  • The propulsion system is fitted directly to the airframe structure

  • The system's thrust to take-off weight ratio is greater than one and allows the aircraft to climb very rapidly and to operate at extreme altitudes without the complications faced by oxygen dependant engines.
Incorporates a separate pilot safety cell, similar to that in F1 racing cars.
  • Seats: 1
  • MTOW: 420kg / 926lb


Battery power (720 volts) 15 kW, Maximum Power (3400rpm): 225 kW
  • Max Climb Rate: 9,000fpm / 2,743m
  • Service Ceiling: 25,000ft / 7,620m
  • Stall Speed Without Flaps: 60kts / 69mph
  • VNE: 250kts / 288mph

March 17 - Contra Electric Propulsion test motors

March 23rd, 2017 – Contra Electric Propulsion test motors fitted with Potenza powertrain.

April 17 - Move to dedicated premises