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Having acquired my PPL (A),  I began to look at various options for owning an aircraft and the types available. As sometimes happens one link led to another and then another and ultimately a visit to Pipistrel. Whilst reading about their traditional trainers, one particular model caught my eye – the Pipistrel Alpha Electro. What followed was many hours and late nights discovering exactly what was happening with electric flight and I became fascinated with the possibilities of the next generation of air mobility.

Looking beyond the complexities of manufacturing with new technologies (specifically batteries) and the cost of bringing new aircraft to market, I had the sense that something was changing. The technology is improving at pace, emissions regulations are tightening and there’s evidence of structured flexibility in terms of regulations and certification towards aviation innovation. Also, there seems to be a growing acceptance of electric and autonomous mobility by the consumer and I’m convinced this could be a moment of synergy for aviation – as do some of the major players in aviation.

As a marketing consultant with experience in regulated industries such as insurance as well as travel and retail with a particular interest in the user journey and now a pilot, I saw a problem. There seemed to be a lack of single destination for curated information for the electric flight industry, other than traditional news. The idea for Watt Flight was born.

The aim of Watt Flight is to positively and objectively promote the next generation of air mobility. Whether it’s an electric trainer, a multi-copter or a futuristic regional electric aeroplane, and we’re very excited about the possibilities.

It’s not just the amazing technology that interests us, either. Through our marketing lens, we’re interested in the innovators, the operators and potential customers and passengers, as well. Particularly operators and passengers, what are their wants, needs, expectations and how will they be addressed?

Watt Flight, then, is our contribution to proactively support the dreamers, engineers and entrepreneurs in any way we can as we democratise electric flight.

Chris Terry
Marketing Director


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